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About us

Döner Kebab is a fast food cafe from the owners of the Lounge Cafe, where you can not only try different types of burgers, kebabs and shawarma, but also see how the cook prepares the order and what ingredients he uses.

Design and audience

Having appreciated the interior, you can immediately feel the atmosphere of Döner Kebab: it is fully consistent with the theme and cuisine of the cafe. Everything is decorated in the colors of the Turkish flag: red and white. Döner Kebab is designed for 30 people, but you can always take an order with you. The owners assure: ‘There are lovers of real kebabs and delicious shawarma at any age and in any social status’.


The main feature of Döner Kebab is that the kitchen is open and all the dishes are cooked before your eyes. You can completely choose the ingredients whether it is shawarma, kebab, burger or salad. You can easily make changes to an already prepared recipe or ask to cook a burger or shawarma according to your recipe. It is also worth noting that all the sauces that are served at Döner Kebab are prepared according to special Turkish, Egyptian and Lebanese recipes. Chefs from countries where the recipes for sauces were borrowed from, consulted and shared secrets with the chefs who now work at Döner Kebab.


A young and proactive chef who loves to experiment and bring something new works here. The menu has special dishes from the chef.

The operator called back very quickly, the girl was polite and pleasant. A delivery at the appointed time. Durum and Döner in the groove! But the review is written to praise. Amazing! It was like being in my grandmother's kitchen. Kudos to cooks who pour their's heart and soul into their work! Thank you so much.
We were in your place last week for the first time and made the discovery for us. We tasted a mega cheeseburger and katlama and it was very tasty. Cheerful girl administrator, who funny described all the dishes and recommended us katlama. She was right. Now my husband and I are waiting for another day when we might be able to come at your place. Because It's too high in calories. Thank you
I order a delivery for the second time and again there's screwup. The operator said to wait for over an hour. The result was more than two hours. One doner kebab was all wet, lavash was torn in different places, all was falling apart. All that was left was to cry looking at this after two hours of waiting. The most interesting thing is that in the package there was a hole, in the doner kebab, too.That is, the packet was impaled. Maybe the delivery guy was stabbed with a saber and fought back with a bag? Then, of course, forgivable. Obviously both the doner kebab was cold. We won't order any more.
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Минск, Surganova St., 61
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Komarovka, Selhozposelok
Lebanese, Turkish
Lunch menu, Vegetarian menu, Burgers, Fast food, Shawarma, Street food, Dessert, Ice Cream, Soup, Hot snack
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